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We Offer Bespoke Trading Solutions

We provide automated trading services and facilities to both retail and institutional clients.

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Perfect For Investing

Easy to use, self hosted trading bot software.


Intellectual Honesty

We pursue a rigorous and objective analysis of investment opportunities. Thorough, open, honest and if necessary controversial discussions help us weighing the merits and issues of opportunities to determine an adequate balance of risk and return.

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Result Orientation

We take ownership for delivering high quality results on time. We embrace opportunities and rather think about how we can make something work instead of why it would not work.

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We do everything to continuously earn trust as our reputation is at the heart of our success. We say what we mean and we do what we say.

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We Help You Save Time And Money

With our trading bot software, you money is secured with profits assured

Account Managers

Highly skilled personnel are dedicated to serving you better and monitoring your investments

Let Your Income Blossom

We focus on WINNING and that's our culture

Risk Management

Maintaining high-efficiency management of assets requires the framework of acceptable risks to be defined and applied to the operations of both QA algorithmic complex and manual trading departments.

Flexible Strategy for Money Growth

Universal miners employ a large team of investment professionals who analyze regions, countries, sectors, and industries When managing investments for our clients, we believe this comprehensive approach to research allows us to invest across a variety of areas in the market, using a flexible strategy designed to help capture potential opportunities for our clients consistent with their goals and objectives.


We are accountable for our actions. If an issue emerges we bring it forward immediately and work on it with a solution-oriented mindset.

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